Talking with Jesus (Oh Yeah?) 7

“I don’t suppose our politicians bother you much, Jesus, since you don’t have to live with the injustice they cause.”

“You’re wrong about that. As you know I’m not altogether separate from you, so I experience your problems. But at the same time, I’m not at all separate from men and women and children who’re suffering from bad politics or from any cause; nor from any creatures who’re suffering, as they are more and more from global warning. Worse, I’m not altogether separate from those who cause the suffering.”

“That last bit about those who cause suffering, I can’t get my head round that. Surely they reject you?“

“But I don’t reject them. Think of the Bible story of Saul/Paul. He’s persecuting believers, he’s causing pain, but when he falls from his horse, what do I say?”

“Eh, eh, you say, “I am Jesus whom you are persecuting.” So, yes, you’re in the persecuted people and in Saul. I’m sorry, I forget you’re not limited like me.”

“But back to where we started, which politician is causing you pain today.”

“Liz Truss, who thinks you can help poor families by cutting taxes for the rich. Or maybe she doesn’t really think that and already knows she’ll do nothing for the poor, since no poor person will vote for her.”

“It’s possible that if she becomes Prime Minister, she’ll feel how awesome the responsibility is, and change her tune.”

“No, that’s naive, Jesus. She’s a right wing Tory who thinks people are poor because they deserve to be poor. And what’s more, she’s thick as mince, and hasn’t an ounce of intelligence or decency in her!”


“ Why have you gone silent, Jesus?”

“Because I’m so angry at what you just said. Do you know Liz Truss?

“Well, not really, just through the media”

“Have you ever heard her speak?”

“No, only clips on the radio”

“What do you know about her educational attainment?”

“Nothing, really.”

“And have you any idea what she believes or how she treats people?”


“So how in earth can you say she’s stupid and lacks decency?”

“You want me to treat her like a private person. But she’s not. She’s public person and a dangerous one!”

“Let’s get back to the words you used: ‘thick as mince without an ounce of intelligence or decency.’ That’s proper public language about a public person, or is it mere abuse? It’s intended to dismiss her as worthless, to denigrate her as a person because you disagree with her policies. If you met her, and she complained about what you’ve said about her, what could you say?

“ I could refer to her policies and how many people they would hurt.”

“ But that would be dishonest, would it not? Do you think that politics would be improved if everyone who disagreed with a policy used the language of personal abuse?

“Well, no.”

“No indeed, but many people are doing it and making justice even harder to find.”

“It’s the language of the media…”

“That’s no excuse. Liz Truss is your political enemy, and you may remember what I said about enemies.”

“Totally unrealistic. You don’t mean I should love Liz Truss!


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