Talking with Jesus (oh yeah?) 4

Hey Jesus, a quick word please!

“Good morning, it’s almost as hot here as Palestine today. Why are you in a hurry?”

“Did you change something in our last blog?”

“I corrected it.”

“Without telling me”

“Did you consult me before publishing it?”

“Well, I suppose not. I mean I thought you were OK with this, as long as I listened carefully while writing it.”

“But remember me saying that I could just be a figment of your imagination, or I could be real?”


“Let me add that even if I am real, any conversation still has to come through your imagination; and your imagination can be mistaken at times, yes?

Oh, I suppose so…..

“I just removed a bit that didn’t sound like me. Where you made me lay down a law. I never did that and I’m not likely to start. That bit must have come from you. I don’t mind if you put it back under your name.

No, no, I don’t mind the change, and yes, I’ll be careful to check with yiu in future. Is it all right to publish this conversation, since people may find it helpful.

“Of course.”

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