The luggage box on the roof

Our daughter Eleanor died on 21st April of this year.


Having completed my physical exercise

For today, I sit and think of what needs doing

For our holiday next week in Ballachulish

Knowing you’ll help as usual screwing

The luggage box to the car roof. There’ll be some laughs

About my inability to put the washers right

Way up. My stuff’ll go up there while your case

Will go in the boot with mum’s. A few bright

Days will mean we can climb Beinn a Vair

By the ridge and maybe another mountain

If you’re fit. I wonder if your gear is good?

I’ve checked the routes at the fountain

Of all knowledge, Google Earth. The eating places

Are short on veggie choice, you’ll be enraged,

You’ll be… we’ll be….ah, what are these hot tears

Run down my nose and fall upon the page?

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