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The other day, challenged by a friend, I looked through a file of prayers and hymns which I had written years back and forgotten to throw out. Amongst much dross, I found a few items that said things I still wanted to say, and that were therefore worth revising.

One of the repeated experiences of my minstries has been the way people treasure the presence of Jesus in their darkest, weakest, most doubtful and most sinful times. This seems to me a treasure specific to faith in Jesus who left a record of his friendship with sick people and sinners and never pretended he could face suffering with a smile. The hymn which I revised and presented here arose from these experiences.

Christ as man of sorrows: Dürer

LORD OF THE SICK AND BROKEN (Tune Moville, CH4: 450)

Lord of the sick and broken
Who shared disabling pain,
Your suffering has spoken:
No cross is borne in vain.
For every wasted body
And every tossed and scattered self
Is planted in your Passion
And harvested for health.

Lord of the dead and dying
Who prayed that you might live
You show us by your crying
What God’s love cannot give.
But those who on their journey
In faith and fear walk into night
Are partnered by your passing
And lifted into light.

Lord of the poor and powerless
Who loved the little ones,
You still defy the sourness
Of arrogance and guns.
And all who trust the Servant
Whose wealth was poured put for the least
Are paradised through patience
And share the Father’s feast.

Lord of the strong and the evil
Who loved in spite of hate,
You struggled with the Devil
And plundered his estate.
So even Satan’s legions
May hide their steel within your side
And pierced by your perfection
Desire what they denied.

Lord of the daft disciples
Who found his friends untrue
Forgive our weak denials
Of comradeship with you.
May all whose trust has faltered
And let your life be sacrificed
Be repossessed by pardon
And recognise the Christ.

If anyone reading this wants to use it for public worship, please do so, simply noting its authorship.l






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