Meadow Pipit

Native throughout much of Europe”


In the Czech Republic you are lindushka luchni

Reti Pityer in Hungary

Estonians greet you as Sookiur

Venetians as Fista

In Lithuania they say Pievenis Kalviukas

but you are Niittikirvinen to the Finns

Swedes call you Ängspiplärke

varied to Heipiplerke in Norway

Thufuttitlingur is Iceland’s name

Skootfink the Frisians’

As Pispola you are there in Italy

Pipit Farlouse in France

The Spanish are formal, Bisbita Pratensis

the more homely Portugese, Petinha Dos Pratos

Negu- Txirta is your Basque name


You are Graspieper in Holland

but Wiesenpieper nextdoor in Germany

In soft Welsh they say Corhedydd y Waun

The English limit you with Meadow Pipit

but in Scotland, where you and I are the only

obvious creatures on the bare moor

you dance ahead of me on foot

then flutter off when I come near

sounding your name like a small bell

Titlin, Titlin, Titlin.





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