A Pigeon Pie….




Wikipedia says you are to be found

in many famous locations round

the world- Times Square, Dam Square,

Piazza San Marco, and that you are not rare

in George Square, Glasgow. Flying rat

is one of the nicer names they give you. Fat

bold and scabby, smart as any crow is

you are a “proven carrier of psittacosis”.

– they never crticise humans of whom not a few

are proven carriers of human flu –

but because you live in the streets and beg

you are seen like other street dwelllers as dregs

of evolution, candidates for killing.

It’s true I’ve seen you swilling

ketchup from a discarded fish supper

and that you are known to be a slurper

of superannuated curried

rice so vile that even your furry

friend the rat gives it the body swerve.

B5C7930E-A176-4125-A8F4-3C6B3B97B0F2In spite of human enmity you have the nerve

to greet us cheerfully in public places

awaiting without much patience the traces

of our carelessness with food; or you delight

with sudden arabesques of flight

then perching on them to be fed

kids and other dafties bringing bread.

I can’t see what your critics’ moan is.

From your history, I like your cojones

refusing captivity by pigeon fanciers

you chose rebellion as great escape chancers

restoring the dignity of being free

enjoyed by your rock dove ancestors. Fe-

-ral they call you, like any creature

that successfully refuses to meet their

command to serve, beggars, immigrants

schemies, gypos, plus anyone whose stance

is pro- justice and anti-capitalist.

Leave that beer can, you’ll get pissed,

but come back with your petrol- coloured feathers

and beady eyes. In all weathers

your cussedness is a good deed;

I guess it’s you brought me a seed.

One grey pigeon isolated on white


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