Well, Jeremey Corbyn has said publicly he wouldn’t fire a nuclear weapon if he was PM! I mean, good grief what sort of idiot is he? When he could have a perfectly good way of wiping out millions of people, he would turn it down out of some bizarre ethic of peace!

What’s more he goes totally against the teaching of the Lord Jesus as followed by all right- thinking people.

I’m sure I need only give a few examples:

Jesus said, Blessed are the war- mongers for they shall be called children of Adolf, blessings upon him.

Jesus said, Blessed are the aggressors for they shall inherit the burnt out shell of the earth.

Jesus said, If some one smacks your right cheek, waste him with your AK 49 so that he knows not to do it again.

Jesus said, If some goddam Islamic terrorists cause you pain, take the bastards out with drones.

Peter asked Jesus, if my brother does me wrong how often do I have to forgive him, seven times? Jesus replied, Don’t be stupid, if you forgive him even once he’ll just do it again. But if you smack him in the mouth, he’ll maybe think twice next time.

And his disciples asked Jesus, how will we win their hearts and and minds? And Jesus answered saying, If you’ve got them by the balls the hearts and minds will follow.

Jesus said, they will reject me and try to put me on a cross, but they will not succeed. So if any man wants to be  my disciple let him take up his tactical nuclear weapon and follow me for sometimes you need to destroy people in order to save them.

Jesus said, Do not think I have come to bring peace. No, not peace but a Trident missile. So do not be dismayed if even your children and grandchildren are against you for you can blow them all to kingdom come if they get up your nose.

Jesus said, Never give in, while you can kill.

As you can see, Corbyn is seriously anti- Christian and a danger to the spiritual welfare of a Christian nation.

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