This site is for people who are opposed:

1. To using the words RADICAL and EXTREME along with MUSLIM to name violent thugs who are nothing to do with any genuine form of ISLAM;

2. To using the word CHRISTIAN to name the CAPITALIST and often violent cultures of the U.K and USA;

and who want to:

3. Explore the the RADICAL CHALLENGES offered By JESUS to the RULING POWERS of our age.

Xtremejesus Xtremejesus


“How can I contribute to this site?” Add your material as comments and I will welcome it to future blogs

“Do you only want Christian believers to use this site?” Certainly not, but I do want people who are interested its aims.

Will you accept comment from people who are interested but opposed” Yes.

Do I have to be polite in what I send” This is Xtremejesus, so the answer is: complete courtesy towards people, any amount of savagery towards opinions.

Who is the statue in your header?” Ah, that’s Desperate Dan and his dog Gnasher depicted in Dundee City centre, Scotland. Dan is a character in the famous Dandy comic, now, alas, only available online.

What is his relevance to Xtremejesus?” He is a man of iron, who consumes whole-cow-pies, but is protective of all small people. He is also a sign that I want this site to be critical, revolutionary, dangerous, investigatory, disturbing, but not solemn. Like Dante (and possibly Desperate Dan) I believe the story of the universe is a divine comedy.

The thugs of Capitalism are currently disgracing themselves by bullying Greece in Europe, impoverishing the poor in the UK,  poisoning ecosystems throughout the globe and preparing for energy wars to grab the dwindling resources of our planet. Meantime they are flooding the world markets with ever more sophisticated weapons of personal and mass destruction and using their hired mouthpieces in all mass media to rubbish opposition. What’s not to like? Please use this blogspace to tell me.

Finally, I hope that the life and teaching of Jesus of Nazareth as told in the four Gospels will be central to our thinking.

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